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Marble and granite countertop processing, the process needs to pay attention to seven points

1. Purchasing requirements The thickness of the board can be between 1.95-2.15cm:

2. The thickness from the purchased light board is usually 1.90-2.1cm and the gloss is over 85:

3, the big cut process records:

(1) Blocks should be placed firmly and smoothly on the platform.

(2) Understand and start to see the huge cut-off schematic diagram of the stone.

(3) The large-cut size correction and review prior to the lower knife ought to be careful and accurate.

(4) After cutting the 1st three pieces of the block, initial stop and knock off the initial stone skin to check the quality of the block: whether you can find any defects such as dark cracks, color gall, stains, and color lines; Whether the thickness is within the allowable tolerance (20mm �� 5mm) and timely correction

(5) Machine inspection, maintenance cleaning and cleaning work should be done before and after operation.

(6) Complement: It is advisable to cut (height) as well as thickened plates, especially for natural stone with grain.

4, the thickness of the procedure notes:

(1) The actual thickness after thickness environment is 19.5-2.0 cm. Make use of a vernier caliper to check on the thickness.

(2) Be cautious when handling. Focus on safety and prevent damage to the sheet.

(3) Machine inspection, maintenance cleaning and cleaning work should be done before and following operation.

5, large surface area polishing practice notes:

(1) Please fill in the glue before polishing, complete the gap between your stone dish (especially Granite Marble Stone Slab Wall), and avoid waiting for the finished product to spend a whole lot of manpower in the cosmetic glue.

(2) The polishing process is performed with a full group of resin abrasives.

(3) Gloss of 85 or more.

(4) Take the time to avoid inadvertent harm to the sheet when lifting the plank.

(5) The corners should be floor as well as the gloss should be enough.

6, the bridge shear procedure notes:

(1) To cut the face up.

(2) The saw edge should be clear. (The blade is usually sharpened prior to the knife is cut)

(3) To control the lower blade and cutting acceleration.

(4) There has to be a machining allowance. (The rest of the amount is normally 3-4mm, and the seam is set to within 0.3mm when used for 1/2 round environment).

(5) If the natural stone with grain is to be cut out alongside the thickened side, the texture from the huge surface and the thickened edge will be correct, as well as the finished product will be beautiful and natural.

(6) Stay away from the sensation of missing edges, missing sides, not completely cut, cutting, and wrong size.

(7) Machine inspection, maintenance, cleaning and cleaning work should be completed before and after operation.

7. Gluing and setting process:

(1) To make the colouring carefully, try to adjust the glue to the basic and stone color.

(2) The large plate and the dense plate ought to be as close as you possibly can. After the adhesion, repair the clip with iron and correct it to create it glue.

(3) Gluing with a sheet that is in touch with the anastomosis before gluing.

(4) The seam after gluing is not a lot more than 0.3mm.

(5) When gluing, be cautious to scrape the surplus glue when the glue is still dry, in order to avoid spending a whole lot of manpower around the glue during the cosmetic process.
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